Sunday, June 27, 2010

So this past week has been interesting and I thought it was pretty appropriate to have blogged when I did last time.  Little did I know I would be going into pre-term labor 3 times soon after that.  SCARY.  BUT we are ok.  Jude is ok.  I am ok.  37 weeks is on Thursday and I think we'll make it till then.  Until then I have had a lot of free time on my hands as I haven't been able to work or have kids over.
Hyrum and I get up, eat breakfast, play a few card games(canine capers! among others), go water the garden and play in the mud, come in, clean up, eat lunch and then he takes a nap while I craft it up and try not to get too stressed about cleaning.  That has pretty much become our routine.  Art comes home and then we all just kinda hang out till dinner.  It's not bad...but I am missing running and just being more active with Hyrum.  Oh, well.  It could be worse.  I could actually be on official bed rest(my sister is right now, with 5 kids and the sixth on the way!).
I am enjoying this extra time where all I really can do is focus on Hyrum, it's a blessing that things happened this way I think.  We are now prepared(we better be after 3 scares) for Jude's arrival and are excited.  Hyrum talks about him all the time.
Also, I am doing the hypnobabies program and was bummed that I couldn't get into an actual class, but have been doing the course at home.  BLESSING.  If I had taken the class I wouldn't have been done yet and I would have been freaking out a whole lot more.  You never know what will actually be a blessing in your life.  Also, if Jude is born early it will be a good thing that we didn't get pregnant right away after getting insurance because we have supplemental, which requires 10 months of membership before they cover anything.  Heavenly Father is awesome and will ALWAYS take care of us.  So much for doing the freedom festivals 5k.  Oh, well.  Maybe Jude will be here by then and we'll be at home in our own little bliss anyway.
I have been enjoying crafting.  I haven't been able to complete my long list of to dos before Jude is born because a lot of them require a lot of action from me, but crafts are one goal I was putting aside to get the other stuff done.  I have since completed a bag for Crystal(bag #3 since making my list).   The picture is up above.  We made some flowers at a RS night activity, which I have been trying to do anyway on my own, so that gave me the final push to complete her bag as shown.  I am pleased with how it turned out and also just to have it done.  I was hoping to make one for all my sisters, my mom and my mother in law, but that is a big task.  So far I have made one for Julia, Charity, Trina, Crystal and Hannah.  Not too shabby, but I still have a long way to go.
I love my family and it has been nice to have to stay put(not be so busy doing stuff) and just hang out.  We are so happy and I am so grateful to have such a loving and considerate husband and son.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

So, its been a long time, but I thought I would update things a little bit before that gets to be a little more trouble.  I am super prego, but still feeling pretty good.  I owe it all to a girl in my ward who ran 6 miles everyday until a couple weeks before she gave birth...where she ran 3 miles every day.  That is when I resolved to run while pregnant.  Not an easy task at first, starting with one mile which took me about 20 joke.  Then it got easier and I eventually got up to around 4 a day...which took me a long time, but felt really good.  Now I am back to around 1-2 miles and then I am spent.  It has made such a difference in my pregnancy, I can't even tell you.  My body doesn't feel so pregnant, if that makes sense.  Anyway, I am feeling good and we were even lucky enough to visit Art's dad and my brother in California(my favorite place). Hyrum had lots of fun with his cousin, uncle and aunt, and grampy.  Art is doing well and getting a lot of new artwork prepared for his upcoming show at the end of the summer.  Obviously he is trying to get as much done as possible before Jude is born, so he is pretty busy.  He is also training for the red rock run(I think that's what it's called) and is excited to run it with some of my family.  I am still unsure if I can commit as its in September and who knows what kind of shape I will be in then.  We are trying to finish up some projects around the house before Jude is born, like painting and sanding a dresser, organizing the filing cabinet, blah, blah, blah and it gets harder and harder to do as it seems like now I am watching more kids for longer periods of time.  I love watching them, but I do get a bit stressed out about all the stuff I want to get done.  Hyrum is doing really well.  I get worried that I'm not teaching him enough...he's just so smart and now I feel like it's such a big leap from abc's to reading that I'm not sure what to teach him.  He loves to learn and I love to watch that.  He is an amazing boy.  He's excited for Jude's arrival.  I set up our changing table in our room and Hyrum said "When Jude is born you can change his diaper!" It's little things like this that make me think he knows exactly what's going on.  He is so cute and observant and loving.  He really is still so snuggly and I am so grateful for that.  He is now going to the bathroom without any help!  Well, I do hand him some toilet paper because I don't want him to drip on the floor, but other than that from dropping his pants to washing his hands he does it all.  He is awesome.  Well, those projects are calling and Hyrum should wake up from his nap soon.  This will have to do.