Sunday, December 5, 2010

week of weeks

This week Hyrum, Jude and I got into a car accident and we found out I have a thryo something duct cyst.  It has been a crazy week.

Just before Thanksgiving I noticed a hard lump about an inch in diameter on my neck and got really freaked out.  Especially because the next day any office would be open was the following Monday.  Luckily we had a really nice Thanksgiving with some friends and just tried to not think about it until we could do something about it.
Monday came and I went in to see my midwife.  She thought it had something to do with my thyroid, but wasn't sure, so she had me schedule an ultrasound to make sure.  On the way home from my appointment I was stopped at a red light when an old man in a ginormous van rear-ended us.  It was so scary, especially with the boys in the car.  Both of them were screaming right away, probably not helped by my hysterics.  Hyrum kept saying his head hurt and Jude was ready for his nap anyway, so something a lot smaller would have made him upset anyway.  We are all ok.  We had a paramedic look at the boys on the scene, but he suggested we just go to the Dr.s, so we did.  Art was able to come to where we were and drive us over to the pediatrician, which I was so grateful for.  I was a mess.  The pediatrician said both of the boys looked fine, but to keep an eye on them anyway.  Our car looked alright on the outside, but when the guy came to do an estimate he said that there was a lot of internal damage, so hopefully we can get all of that taken care of soon.  My neck and knee have been bothering me, but other than that, we all seem ok and I am grateful we have insurance and that the other guy was ok, too.
Tuesday I went in for an ultrasound, but that was inconclusive.  By the way, it is really unnerving when you have an abnormal lump and no one will tell you the possibilities.  All I could think about was cancer.  Anyway, they wanted to do a cat scan with contrast to see things a little bit better, which was done on Wednesday.  On Thursday I went in to check my neck and knee(the guy I saw was a dope...he told me to go to the E.R. because they see a lot of car accidents and they would know what to do...) and on Friday I went in to see the Ear Nose and Throat guy.  He was great and let me know that I had a Thyro something duct cyst and that it would need to be removed surgically.  At least it's not cancer.  I can live with surgery. 
So now we are trying to coordinate having this surgery and having my hernia repaired...I only want to recover once, if only for the boys' sake.  The timing is terrible and awesome all at once.  The holidays will be a little limited, but Art will be home from school(and he can work from home!). 
I am so grateful for:
modern medicine
competent doctors
pain meds
relief society(they are definitely going to be needed and much appreciated)
home teachers
the comics and sudoku