Sunday, January 22, 2012


I pretty much only find myself blogging when something big happens and then feel the need to catch up.  I don't have time to do it more often, but I would love to.  Here is the big event that triggered today's post:
Jude started nursery!!!  I have been having anxiety about this for a little while and for some pretty good reasons, the number one being that Jude has never had a babysitter while he was awake, until last night.  We've never had to and I hadn't really thought about it much.  He goes to bed between 6:30 and 7:30, depending on naps, etc, so we have plenty of time after he's in bed to go do whatever we want(and Hyrum is more than happy to have a new friend come and play, hahah).  So I was worried, especially because the first time we have a babysitter when he's awake it's the night before we leave him in nursery.  I was sure he was going to have abandonment issues.  I couldn't have been more wrong.  Last night he was totally fine.  He didn't cry when we left and he went right to sleep when they put him down.  In nursery there were SO many kids and not enough teachers(one was sick) and at least 5 were crying HARD, so as soon as we walk in, my heart sinks.  This isn't going to work.  I might as well pack him up and leave now.  At first he was a little stunned by the huge noise level, but then he saw the puzzles and was gone.  I actually stayed and helped for a few minutes because there weren't enough arms for all of the poor crying babes(I secretly miss being in nursery, good thing I have a daycare now).  After I calmed one little girl down enough to get her interested in the puzzles I snuck out and Jude wasn't phased at all.  I came back to take him to the bathroom, sure he'd been hit(by another babe) or missed me or something, but nope.  He saw me, smiled and kept on eating his cheese stick.  huh.  I took him to the bathroom, brought him back and he was right back into it.  I came back later to pick him up and he was more interested in getting on this zebra to ride it.  I was sooo happy.  Hyrum was the same way, most of the time he would get upset when we came to get him because he didn't want to leave.  I need to relax.  Hahaha.  I cried in primary(we teach the 11-12 year olds) because we were playing this game where one child would hide a little stuffed bear while another child waited in the hall.  When the child in the hall came back in we would sing a primary song, quietly or loudly depending on how close they were, like hot or cold.  I cried every time we played.  Hahah.  I can't stop laughing at how ridiculous that is.  I was just so proud of them and just kept thinking about them learning how to follow the spirit...I was laughing/crying because I couldn't stop myself from crying.  Hahaha.  Yikes.
Anyway, Hyrum is a super star reader, getting the hang of it more and more every day.  He loves to read.  He is the sweetest boy, too.  Both of the boys are.  Hyrum kisses my hand when either of us are feeling sad or upset and he loves Jude so much.  He's always laughing at silly things Jude does(like hiding under the bed or under a pillow).  I just love them so much.  We are such blessed and lucky parents to have two amazing boys.  Which kills me because I HAVE to better.  I have to be more patient, more soft spoken, more loving, more everything a good mom should be.  I love Art and I'm grateful that we can help each other be better(and not so weird).